Good to know

LA RIGGIOLA tiles means high quality and they are easy to set. All our tiles are glazed and the firing process after painting is done by approx 1000 degrees Celsius: this makes the glazes extremely resistant and no treatment before or after setting is needed (*).

We realize different types of tiles:

1. Glazed Terracotta Tiles: Because of their high quality and hardness of the glazes they are completely water repellent and can be set in all interiors (indoor), both on walls and floors.

2. Glazed Porcelain Tiles: They are glazed and handpainted as our classical tiles but the tile itself is made of porcelain tile (”Gres porcellanato” in Italian, ”Klinker” in German and ”Granitkeramik” in Swedish). The firing process is here by approx 1200 degrees Celsius. This collection can be set outdoor by minus degrees Celsius and this is the main difference between Glazed Ceramic Tiles and Glazed Porcelain Tiles.

3. Lava stone tiles & tables: We provide natural and glazed, handpainted  lava stone custom products and lava stone tiles. In this collection you can find lava stone kitchen countertops, tables. floor and wall coverings. The lava stone used for this special collection is exclusively from Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy.
Contact us for more information about our Lava Stone Collection!

4. Non-slippery R9-R13 tiles.

Personalize as you wish
La RIGGIOLA’s sortiment counts hundreds of fantastic handpainted and handprinted patterns plus unique one coloured tiles with beautiful handmade glazes. However, if you wish to personalize your favourite pattern even more, we will gladly help you to realize your tiles in the colours you wish – and at no extra cost.
Or do you may be want to sketch your own pattern? We love helping our most creative customers in reaching their personal goals! Contact us and ask for more information and an offer.
All our patterns are produced in many sizes and forms. Please observe that the size changing may influence the final price (as a general rule: smaller tiles are more expensive than bigger ones and vice versa).

1. We suggest to always mix the content of different boxes before starting the setting process. 2. Please keep a tiny distance between them (fuga), around 1,5-2mm max, especially in presence of patterns: the result will be more uniform and beautiful and the floor will be easier to clean.
3. Because of the handmade glazes it is possible that after a while on the surface of the tiles you may get a kind of thin, net pattern (”Cavillo”). This is absolutely natural and does not mean that the glazes are getting damaged or similar: the mineral salts naturally present in the clay may come up to the surface of the tile and build that peculiar, light grey structure. This is only a guarantee of the artisanal feature of our tiles which gives them more life and personality.

4. It is important to protect your new-set tiles for all works duration.

(*) 5. Did you buy our beautiful tiles with crackled glaze? The surface in this case must be treated before grouting – and only then: your tiler knows about it and will choose the right product.

Care & Maintenance

The care & maintenance of our glazed tiles is extremely easy: wash the floor up and then with a soft cloth, water and common floor cleaning products – do not use any acids. That’s all!
Please check point G) Setting, Care & Maintenance in our Terms and Conditions sections for further details.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information you may need by using our Chat online or sending us an email to